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Brooke's 60 Second Sleaze - February 28

"America's Got Talent" Season 14 Live Show Red Carpet

Photo: Getty Images North America

A couple offered Simon Cowell $150,000 to JUDGE THEIR SEX…he turned it down…and now regrets it!

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are matching up to $1 MILLION in donations to the U.N. to help those fleeing Ukraine after Russia’s invasion. Read their statements HERE and HERE

VIDEO: Will Smith WON outstanding performance by a male actor for “King Richard” with Venus Williams sitting beside him

Amanda Bynes files to end 9-YEAR CONSERVATORSHIP

Michael Keaton was IN THE BATHROOM when he won his 2022 SAG Award, “It was packed!”

Chloe Kim wants to rename the hairstyle “SLUT STRANDS” to “beauty strands”

Bill Paxton’s family reaches $1M SETTLEMENT with anesthesiologist group over actor’s death

Survey finds 3 out of 4 people plan to watch THE OSCARS…which to us is kind of hard to believe

A rare Pokemon card sold for a record $900,000

Snoop Dogg facing POTENTIAL LAWSUIT from Uber Eats driver he blasted on social media!

VIDEO: Chelsea Handler drinking, smoking and skiing all while being almost naked is definitely a mood

The “Halo” TV series will reveal Master Chief’s FACE

VIDEO: A tree service wanted to charge Rick Ross $10,000 to cut down 10 trees on his property. Rick wasn’t feelin’ that, so he bought himself two chainsaws and did it himself

The official “Gilmore Girls” COOKBOOK is coming in April

Did Beyonce and J-Lo SABOTAGE Amerie’s career?