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Brooke's 60 Second Sleaze - March 4

  • Pete Davidson is GOING TO SPACE
  • Rihanna had a PRICELESS REACTION after being asked if her baby is a boy or girl
  • PICS: Sean Penn had to walk miles to POLISH BORDER to get safely out of Ukraine
  • Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher will MATCH $3 million in donations to Ukraine
  • The Madonna biopic “grueling” audition process includes a BOOT CAMP with up to 11-hours of choreography training with Madonna…Julia Garner, Florence Pugh and Emma Laird are among the stars still in contention
  • VIDEO: Heidi Klum and Snoop Dogg did a song together called “Chai Tea with Heidi
  • VIDEO: Joy Behar fell straight on her 79-year-old BUTT while trying to climb into her seat on “The View”
  • Kim Kardashian is ‘relieved’ to be OFFICIALLY DIVORCED: ‘She isn’t looking back’
  • LISTEN to Jamie Foxx quickly roll through impressions of Kermit the Frog, Sammy Davis Jr., Jay-Z, and Donald Trump
  • Suzanne Somers has made $300 million off the ThighMaster over the years
  • PICS: Britney Spears sweet Insta birthday post to her fiance!
  • Jay Leno has a massive car collection, but he doesn’t have a Ferrari because he CAN’T STAND THE DEALERS 
  • Netflix is launching a daily INTERACTIVE TRIVIA series called “Trivia Quest” on April 1st. Each episode features 24 questions, 12 standard and 12 “hard”
  • PICS: Jessica Biel got an awesome birthday card, cake, and banner from the kids
  • New Kids on the Block just released a new song with Salt-n-Pepa, En Vogue & Rick Astley!