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Shock Collar Question - March 4

Empty air plane seats. Blue sky and clouds in the window. Airplane interior

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Today is "National Dress in Blue Day". That means, this is the day to wear your favorite blue outfit, to help raise awareness for colon cancer. 

Brooke does her GO RED thing. But, today we should encourage everyone listening to dress in blue... and that's what today's shock collar is all about..... the Color Blue.

We're gonna go around the room and ask each of you a BLUE question... if you get it right, you're safe. Get it wrong you get shocked until you turn blue. 

ALEXIS... What Branch of the Military is most closely associated with the color blue? 

BROOKE... A recent fashion survey found that women like to buy one Particular Item of clothing in Blue... because they think MEN like it. Which clothing item is it? 

JOSE... I'm going to name off Six of the Disney Princesses who are famous for wearing blue. You need to name the 7th.... Cinderella... Belle... Aurora... Jasmine... Ariel (when she comes ashore)... Elsa... and who's the last one? 

JEFF... A poll was done of the most famous Blue Characters in Movies. Number 4 was Dory from Finding Nemo... Number 3 was Sadness from Inside Out... Number 2 was Gonzo from the Muppet Movie... Who's the Number 1 most recognized BLUE Character of All Time? (And Hint: it WAS animated)