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Shock Collar Question - April 12

Cordon Tape On A Crime Scene

Photo: Getty Images

Nobody move and everybody keep there hands where I can see them… You’re all familiar in committing crimes against comedy so today we’re going to see if you know your a LEGAL BEAGLE ONE AND DONE SHOCK.

We’ll go around the room and you’ll each be given a common situation that people think might be illegal and you need to tell me if it IS or ISN’T. If you’re right, you’re safe, but if you’re wrong I’m BOLT-ing the door and sending bolts to your neck with the Dog Shock Collar.

Alexis, as always I have lowered the bar considerably for your question…

Counting cards at a casino black jack table in order to gain an advantage. Is that legal or illegal?

Brooke… In the United States many people think it’s illegal to operate a car while driving barefoot. Is that legal or illegal?

Jose.. Eating something before you purchased it in the grocery store. Illegal or Legal?

Jeffrey... Bringing your own snacks into a movie theater. Illegal or Legal?

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