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Shock Collar Question - April 13

Barbie Doll Group shot.

Photo: Getty Images

Today is BARBIE Day, honoring the very first release of the famous doll on this day way back in 1959. We’re going to be celebrating in a way only we can… In A COME ON BARBIE LETS GO PARTY, ONE AND DONE SHOCK… 

Each of you will be asked a question about Barbie trivia, and if you’re correct you’re safe, if you get it wrong I will repossess your Malibu Dream Home and give you a shock to the neck for good measure.

Since Alexis is closest in age and grade level to Barbie’s younger sister Skipper, she will start us off..

Alexis…Over the years Barbie has had many pets sold along side her. For example, the most common one is dogs. She had 21 different canine companions.... but can you tell me the 2nd most common pet Barbie's had?

Brooke… Barbie has had more than 200 Jobs since 1959 when she first launched. I need you to tell me her very first occupation. Was it kitchen housewife?, Teen Fashion Model? or Dancer?

Jose… Which of these is the Best-Selling Barbie Doll of all time, Jam’N Glam Barbie, Totally Hair Barbie or Aviator Barbie? 

Jeffrey… Which of these celebrity singers HAS NOT had their own Barbie Doll made of them, Nicki Minaj, Jennifer Lopez or Taylor Swift? 

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