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Shock Collar Question - March 22

hard shell tacos

Photo: Getty Images

You can disagree on Politics, Religion and more importantly..... whether or not JASON DERULO says his name enough on Tik Tok... 

But there's one thing we can ALL AGREE ON... Tacos are Amazing. 

And because we recently celebrated National Crunchy Taco day, we're going to a "One & Done Shock" for all the Taco-Lovers of the World 

According to National Taco Day dot com... People in North America eat BILLIONS of tacos every year. 6 Billion to be Exact. 

In fact over half of the US population visits a Taco Bell once every 11 days. 

And speaking of Taco Bell the chain actually started in 1954... but they were selling something different instead. What food was it?... Alexis that's your Question. 


Brooke you're up:

For most people ANY TIME of the day is the right time to eat Tacos. But according to Mexican tradition, tell me what Type of Taco should be eaten at Lunch Time?


Jose... it's time to put your use of the Spanish Language to the Test... 

Roughly Translated: what does the word TACO mean in Spanish? Is it... Crispy Meal, Meat Cavern, Light Lunch? 


Finally Jeff... 

The world's most expensive Taco cost a whopping $25,000 dollars. Some of the ingredients included: Kobe Beef, Beluga Caviar and Black Truffles... but they also went ALL OUT with the Taco Shell... Tell me what made the shell so unique?