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Shock Collar Question - March 29

Portrait of his he nice-looking attractive content macho virile candid masculine brutal sportive perfect bearded guy hands on hips ready to rescue isolated over gray pastel background

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I want you all to look at me right now. Take a good, long dirty look.... now look away! I know there's a few of you who are single in the room... and others that play "single" on the weekends -(Brooke). And thats why todays shock collar is for you..... 

A new survey asked 5,000 singles under 30 what are the most attractive jobs a guy or gal could have. You need to tell me the Top 3 responses in no particular order... 

And of course, 

The best way to determine a winner is with Lads vs Lassies 2 v 2 shock!

Jose and Jeff and Brooke and Alexis will split off into teams and I’ll give you each your own list to answer. The team with the most correct answers will be safe and the losing team will perform what I call “A Duracell Duet” and sing a song while both holding a dog shock collar.