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Brooke's 60 Second Sleaze - March 30

  • VIDEO: The long-awaited trailer for “Top Gun: Maverick” is HERE! It’s out in theaters May 27th
  • Britney Spears accused Justin Timberlake of WEAPONIZING HER NAME for “fame and attention” in now deleted Insta post!
  • PICS: Bad Bunny converted a semi-truck into an Airbnb. Unfortunately it was only for three nights and it’s booked up, but you can check out the photos
  • Will Smith’s mother Carolyn was SURPRISED to see him slap Chris Rock, “First time I’ve ever seen him go off”
  • Ricky Gervais posts ALOPECIA JOKE from the UK version of “The Office”…mocking the Oscars slapping incident
  • Jada Pinkett Smith posts for the first time on social media, “This is a season for HEALING and I’m here for it.”
  • READ Kareem Abdul-Jabar’s thoughtful and powerful blog about what is actually wrong with that Will Smith slap
  • Variety Reporter RESPONDS to Kim Kardashian’s claim that her “f***ing work” advice for women was taken out of context…” I just reviewed the raw footage. The question was very direct”
  • Hilaria Baldwin is pregnant with BABY #7 with Alec Baldwin!
  • VIDEO: Check out the trailer for “Ozark” Season 4, Part 2
  • Conspiracy theorists are going nuts over a video of Will Smith showing a young kid NAMED CHRIS how to do a fake slap
  • VIDEO: Kim Kardashian posted video of their daughter North and one of her friends singing “We Don’t Talk About Bruno”
  • The Tin Man’s oil can from “The Wizard of Oz” sold for $250,000