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Shock Collar Question - March 30

Time Travel

Photo: Getty Images

You know what the best part about Time Travel is? 

Maybe its knowing all the Lotto numbers ahead of time....

Or looking super cool at your Oscar party by predicting Will Smith's slap ten seconds before it happened.

.... Or the best thing (at least for me) about time travel would be to have the foresight to NOT invest ALL my assets into “JOSE COIN.” 

But I digress.... a new survey asked people to name the Top things they’d miss if they went back in time over a hundred years ago. 

#1 on the list was a surprising one.... toilets that flush! A century ago... that wasn't a thing. Now I need you to come up with the rest of the Top 4 things people said they would miss if they were able to travel back in time, in no particular order.