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Shock Collar Question - March 31

Teenagers dancing together at prom

Photo: Getty Images

Today is a very Special day... to honor the high school experience of the typical North American Teenager... That's right... parents, get out your kleenex and wipe away your tears.... because it's National Prom Day!

As we walk down memory lane, and remember the tuxedos... the corsages... and the handsy limo drivers... Your challenge today will be about ALL THINGS surrounding the Big Night with a... "One & Done" Prom Shock Collar Question of the Day"


According to Kamas lore, your prom dress was found near the quick-stop gas station with white claw stains all over it.

I need you to tell me, on average - how many prom dresses does the average high school teen try on before they find the perfect one.... is it 10,20 or 30? 


In 1975, a senior in high school named Susan hosted one of the most famous Proms of all time... It included 74 other seniors & their dates. And it made news because of WHERE it was located. Tell me where it was? 


I'm gonna give you FOUR CELEBRITIES. Two attended Prom. Two did Not. You're gonna tell me which ones as we go through the list.... Madonna.... Halle Berry.... Miley Cyrus.... Cindi Crawford


From the "Prom-posal"... to the outfits... to the dinners... all the way up through the BIG DANCE... What is the CURRENT Prom Budget for the Average high schooler? Is it: $600 , $900 or $1200