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Shock Collar Question - April 1

Comical prank, April fools practical joke and goofy disguise concept farting bag, chattering teeth, chinese finger trap and novelty glasses with fake nose and eyebrows isolated on blue background

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Alright, as Big Jeffrey already mentioned.... It’s April Fool’s Day. 

Sorry -I forgot - because of April 1st - it's little Jeffrey. 

Anyway I know because of the unofficial holiday that Your guards are up, your shoulders are tense, Brooke is wondering “Did Jake take my credit card and use it to by himself a year’s supply of hair gel?” 

I can’t comment on that, but what I CAN do.... is provide an April First To Worst Shock Collar Question. 

I have a list of 6 gag gifts that you MAY or may not be able buy on Amazon, (a few might even be made up).... but only 3 are at the top of the best sellers list for pranks. Please tell me in no particular order.  

Which of these four gag gifts are the best selling: 

Fricken Cricket - Hidden annoying Cricket Chirp Sound that you can hide in a jacket pocket, cupboard or men's diaper.

Edible Booger gel - realistic looking consumable snot that kids love. You can spread on your toast or eat right out of the canister. 

Spider in a Box - A six inch rubber spider springs out of a wooden box when you open the lid.... to surprise family members or friends.

Anatomically Correct Mini Drone - Drone that flies around with Male Genitalia Attached to It

Life-Size Inflatable Adult Cow - Usable in the Shower, Office Cubicle or as a Pool Toy

Fart Spray - Novelty Liquid Stink Bomb that creates a lingering gassy odor to play tricks on your friends or be used in self defense.