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Shock Collar Question - April 4

Angry driver honking and beeping the horn. Road rage.

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Perfect for the people in THIS room..... April is distracted driving month! 

And a new survey of motorists was just released... that told us exactly what we thought.... people's bad habits behind the wheel are only getting worse.  

And because of that.... we'll be doing a...  Vroom Vroom Go Around the Room, One And Done Shock…

I’m going to give you each a result from this driving survey and I'll need you to tell me if the real answer is HIGHER or LOWER. 


And Because she has three traffic court appointments to get to in the next hour.... we’ll start with Alexis.

Alexis, A majority of people said they’ve driven at least 10 miles over the speed limit in the past year, but what % of people have admitted to going 25MPH over, is it higher or lower than 30%?

Brooke, in this modern technological time, a decent chunk of people said they think it’s totally safe to use your cell phone while they’re driving. Don’t worry about whether Alexis was surveyed for this question, just tell me is that real number higher or lower than 30%?

Jose, plenty of people surveyed said they've eaten food while driving in the past year, (not just fast food, but also food that they've brought with them).... is that real number higher or lower than 60%?

Little Jeffrey, I know you would NEVER do this.... but a small percentage of people surveyed, admitted that they have given the middle finger to another driver in the past year. Is the real number higher or lower than 15%?