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Shock Collar Question - April 26

Mother and Joey family

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Stuff your bellies full of eucalyptus and take your syphilis medication you Koalas…….Because today is Hug an Australian day! 

Since we don’t have any Australians at arms length, we’ll doing everyone’s favorite activity, a Thunder from Down Undah Australian’ Slangin’ And Bangin’ One And Done Shock.

Each of you will be given a piece of unique Australian Slang and you’ll have to tell me what it really means. If you guess correctly.... you’ll be given your own kangaroo with a saddle to ride around the office! If you’re wrong you’ll be forced to wear the shock collar while diving with electric eels to clean the great barrier reef…

Starting with Alexis… (who believes Australia is just a made up place). Your question is this....


If you’re wearing Tracky Daks what are you wearing? Sandals, Athletic sox or Sweatpants?


Brooke, If you’re drinking Goon in Australia are you consuming "outback moonshine", boxed wine or beer with high alcohol content?


Jose… If you're in an Australian elementary school... and a child raises their hand and says "teacher, I accidentally made a blue".... what does that mean?


Finally Jeffrey, What are you you doing if you’re giving an Aussie Salute, are you waving flies away from your face..... flipping someone off, or giving someone the hang loose sign?