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Shock Collar Question - April 27

Chili's Restaurant

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There used to be a show a few years ago, called: "Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader"... And because we have Alexis Fuller on our show, we're gonna play "Are you Smarter than someone who LOOKS LIKE a 5th grader?" 

If you didn't know, Alexis was born in 2011, so she doesn't know a lot of things. At least, that's HER excuse... So we're gonna go around the room, and ask everyone else... "Do you think Alexis can identify this famous commercial tagline, from the past?"

We'll start with Brooke: 

Brooke, do you think Alexis (someone who LOOKS like a 5th grader) will know a famous commercial catchphrase from the 1990s?

Alexis Identify this slogan from the 90s... 

That's: "Once You the Pop, The Fun Don't Stop" - what product is that for? 

Jose, do you think Alexis (who CURRENTLY, decorates her Laptop with rainbow & unicorn stickers) will know a popular ad slogan from the 2000s?

Alexis THIS famous TV slogan advertised what product? 

He's saying: "Riiiicola!" What product is it for??

Jeff, this is a slogan's been around since the 2000s,. Do you think Alexis will be able to identify it?

Alexis, what company used this catchphrase in their TV ads?

That's "Can You Hear Me Now?" Tell me the company.