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Shock Collar Question - April 29

Finger pointing to word in dictionary

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Alexis has described this as the HARDEST WEEK of her life.... even harder, than finding a look-alike to pass her driving test for her.... 

Because for the last few days, we've been testing her knowledge on famous Commercial Slogans & catchphrases... and her performance has been... SURPRISING.... she didn't know the famous Coffee slogan "The Best Part of Waking up is... FOLGERS in your Cup"... But she knew: "Can you Hear me Now" was Verizon b/c its' the only phone carrier she's ever had.

But today, instead of that... we're doing something different called: Finish the Phrase!

We'll go around the ROOM and I'll ask everyone else if they THINK you can complete a FAMOUS QUOTE... and give you some details on it...