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Shock Collar Question - May 6

Mother and daughter at home mother's day sitting daughter hugging mom kissing cheek joyful

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If you were paying attention around the office earlier this week. I had a special guest visit for lunch… anybody notice?

That’s right, I wined and dined Brooke’s mom and what a lovely lady she is. 

So elegant. So giving. After we finished................ with lunch and other things, it gave me a great idea. 

Because she's a Mom and this Sunday is Mother’s Day, we are going to go around the room for a special MOTHER’S DAY ONE AND DONE SHOCK. 

Each of you will get a question about Mom’s Day or as Jeff calls it "The one day I am forced to call my Mother"..... and if you get it right, you’re safe.... and I'll call your Mom personally to schedule an intimate lunch with her as well.  

If you get it wrong you’ll get shocked by a dog shock collar and you’ll have to eat this macaroni art project I made…

Alexis, since your Mom dropped you three times as a baby.... and two were by accident.... you get the easiest question.

According to the latest statistics, 87 million adults in North America will DO THIS for Mothers Day... what is it? 

On to Brooke: 

A woman named Anna Jarvis started the tradition of wearing a carnation on Mothers Day, back in 1908. Having a colored flower in your lapel, meant something DIFFERENT than having a white one. What was the difference? 

Alright onto Jose: 

Most women in North America FIRST become mothers at what age? Age: 26, 27........... or 29?

And finally....little Jeffrey Dubow whose Mother taught him to reach for the sky.......this question is for you.... 

Mothers Day is the 4th ranked holiday in terms of buying flowers & plants... I need you to give me the TOP 3... and HINT: For One of the holidays, not everybody in North America celebrates it.