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Shock Collar Question - May 9

Multi-generation family celebrating birthday party

Photo: Getty Images

We’re all alive and accounted for which means the activities of this past weekend didn’t get the best of us…. Drinks were drunk, tops were cropped and candles were blown out....all for Alexis’ birthday!!….

And To celebrate the fun sized snickerdoodle who is allergic to eyebrow glue, WE ARE NOT going to do her favorite thing: which is ask the bartender if they’ll charge her phone… Instead We’re going to go around the room for a special Young Dumb and Broke, One And Done shock…

I’ll ask each of you a question about the life of Alexis Fuller (@ Alexis_Fuller) and if you get it right you’ll be safe and she’ll follow you back on Instagram. If you’re wrong, you will get shocked while singing a song and you’ll have to pick up one of her car insurance payments…