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Shock Collar Question - May 20

Brüllender Tiger

Photo: Getty Images

Not sure if our listeners know this but Years ago, our own Brooke Fox paid developers to clear out land to build her palatial estate in a very exclusive area of our fair city... in doing so, she caused 13 endangered species to officially go extinct...... That is an UNTRUE statement.... at least for now. Could it be true in the future? We'll put it out on the internet and get reaction.

But i bring it up, because today is National Endangered Species Day. And we're calling attention to these rare, at-Risk Animals whose lives are at stake due to climate change, disease and other factors. 

And we'll be putting a spotlight on just a few of them.... with a Round The Room, Creature Conservation, Pick a Critter from the Litter Shock Collar Question of the day...