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Shock Collar Question - May 24

Face expression of angry driver arguing and gesturing

Photo: Getty Images

Are you angry? What are you Angry About? Someone in this room, has deep seated, inner-bubbling RAGE that's about to boil over. And that person is our technical director Ashton. You didn't know it, but Brooke wore the exact same outfit he was going to wear today.... so he had to go to the bathroom and change while BROOKE got all the glory. 

And he's not the ONLY Person upset. 2,000 people were recently polled and they were asked... "Tell me Something happens to you, or you notice out in public, that Instantly fills you with rage." And i'll tell you right now... Only ONE of them has to do with cars..... and you're not INSIDE the vehicle.

You need to give me the TOP 4.