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Shock Collar Question - May 25

Railway wheels

Photo: Getty Images

Almost a century ago, at the state fair in Waco, Texas an event was held that was unlike any other. Spectators were mesmerized by it.... and once word of mouth spread..... more events like this started popping up. In fact, a town was created to host it.... and that town was named "Crush".

40,000 people would pay 50 cents a piece to witness it.... but the rowdy audience was not the most dangerous part of this show. In fact a Civil War Veteran once said after seeing it “It was more terrifying than the battle of Gettysburg.”

This practice continued up until the 1930s when the Great Depression began and this event started to garner the reputation for being wasteful and destructive, so it quickly fell out of favor. Tell me what type of unique event was put on in Crush Texas almost a hundred years ago, that hasn't happened since.