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Brooke's 60 Second Sleaze - July 15

Photo: Getty Images

  • Beyoncé posted her first TikTok . . . and she’s not even in it! And if you didn’t hear, she brought her full MUSIC CATALOG to the app!
  • Ryan Gosling says it’s his dream that playing Ken in the “Barbie” movie will inspire HALLOWEEN COSTUMES! “This is my dream. I’ve always wanted to make a character that people might go out for Halloween as”
  • Bill Gates is donating $20 BILLION to his foundation this month and plans to drop off the list of the world’s wealthiest, “I have an obligation to return my resources to society.”
  • VIDEO: See Stormi beatboxing on Kylie Jenner’s TikTok
  • Kris Jenner is teaching online Master Class on PERSONAL BRANDING, where she’ll show you how to build a narrative, find an audience and followers, and leverage the power of social media to make your brand stand out
  • PICS: Dan Levy called out Jesse Tyler Ferguson for posting a group photo where he looks “constipated”
  • PICS: Demi Lovato somehow cut her forehead with a crystal and had to wear a WIG on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” to cover it!
  • If you’ve been following….Everything between Noah Schnapp and Doja Cat is ALL GOOD since he outed her for asking to be set up with his co-star Joseph Quinn
  • Mister Rogers was NOT A SNIPER, Avril Lavigne was not replaced by a lookalike, and 12 other pop culture rumors and myths debunked
  • In MAJOR VICTORY for Britney Spears, judge orders Jamie Spears to be deposed and produce surveillance records
  • “Harry’s House” by Harry Styles is the first album released this year to go PLATINUM
  • Alfonso Ribiero is joining Tyra Banks to CO HOST the new season of “Dancing with the Stars”
  • Chris Pratt was approached to play Indiana Jones but ONE QUOTE from Harrison Ford scared him!
  • The director of the movie “Gremlins” says Baby Yoda was “completely stolen and is just out-and-out copied from GIZMO of “Gremlins”
  • Tom Brady says the hardest part of being a rich and famous parent is raising his children to UNDERSTAND THEIR PRIVILEGE
  • VIDEO: Bella Thorne thinks she’s mastered that whole “Baywatch” running-in-slow-motion thing
  • VIDEO: Check out the trailer for “Secret Headquarters”. . . a Paramount+ family-friendly action flick where Owen Wilson’s son finds out his dad is actually a superhero
  • VIDEO: The trailer for the Showtime series “American Gigolo”, based on the 1980 Richard Gere movie of the same name