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Brooke's 60 Second Sleaze - August 11

  • Yikes! Kevin Federline releases old VIDEOS of Britney Spears arguing and cussing at her boys after she attacked his parenting! But fans are RUSHING TO HER DEFENSE!
  • AND the Kevin Federline interview won’t air in full because some claims are ‘TOO HURTFUL,’ says interviewer! Fans uncover financials that allegedly say Kevin was paid $30,000 A MONTH to be the nanny to his own children on Britney’s tour!
  • VIDEO: Watch Serena Williams emotional goodbye on the court after her final match on Canadian soil
  • Olivia Wilde says Jason Sudeikis PURPOSELY had her served custody papers on STAGE at a film festival in order to “threaten” her and catch her off guard
  • Disney+ subscribers might be looking at a 38% RATE HIKE and Spotify is going to start selling CONCERT TICKETS?
  • The BIGGEST BOMBSHELLS from Jennette McCurdy’s memoir “I’m Glad My Mom Died”
  • Police say the woman and her three children who were staying with Ezra Miller in Vermont are MISSING
  • The wardrobe department on “The Gray Man” shrunk one of Chris Evans’ shirts . . . so now his DOG WEARS IT!
  • Lady Gaga must not have an invisible FORCE FIELD after all…she was hit with a STUFFED ANIMAL during her show in Toronto
  • Shawn Mendes says he’s doing THERAPY and “taking it easy” since canceling his tour
  • Millie Bobby Brown created her BEAUTY LINE because she didn’t know anything about skin care or makeup
  • PICS:  Cardi B has found the house of her dreams, and Offset promised to get it for her
  • PICS: Dustin Diamond’s abandoned Wisconsin home has finally sold, two years after his death…pictures and video that hit the web yesterday are sad
  • WOAH! The idea to use ELECTRONIC ANKLE MONITORS for prisoners came from a 1977 Spider-Man comic strip!
  • VIDEO: Here’s the teaser for Timothee Chalamet’s cannibal love story, “Bones and All”
  • The ’90s Flannel Nation Festival is postponed after Sugar Ray, Candlebox, Everclear, and Filter DROPPED OUT