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Shock Collar Question - August 31

Alarm clock in the middle of the night insomnia

Photo: Getty Images

Before we begin I need all of you to start taking this seriously. Alexis, get off your phone and stop texting old men. Brooke, stop picking at your teeth, this is the price you pay for eating pulled pork for breakfast. Jose, tuck your shirt in. And Jeffrey… you’re doing amazing sweetie. 

Now that everyone’s focused and ready its time for the #1 game of Trivia straight out of Namibia…. CLOCKER SHOCKER

The rules are simple, you'll have 20 seconds to rapid fire answer as many trivia questions as you can. If you get stumped, you can pass…. and at the end.... the person with the highest score will get to pick which host gets a taste of electro-trivia justice…