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Shock Collar Question - September 2

Vintage clock

Photo: Getty Images

 Thank you for that lovely introduction Jeffrey. And thank you all for coming. I’m sure you’re all wondering why I gathered you here.

 Late last night in this very studio a CRIME WAS COMMITTED. Details are sketchy but I talked to the lead officer (Detective Gob Knobbler)…….  he said he found three key pieces of evidence…. A blood stained list of generic trivia questions…. next to a fake mustache..... and a worn out dog shock collar …… which means whoever committed this crime was either a pervy fan of Alex Trebek who enjoyed shocking themselves while watching jeopardy……. Or they just wanted to try the radio game that’s known as….. CLOCKER SHOCKER

Lucky for us…after they dusted for fingerprints… I was able to sneak the list of trivia questions away from the police– and hid it in my armpit… so we could play today.  

Each of you will have 20 seconds to get as many right as possible. Winner gets to choose who in the room gets the clocker shocker.