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Shock Collar Question - September 7

Electricity Towers

Photo: Getty Images

Much like a butterfly exiting a cocoon for the first time, this past week of trivia has been transformative for one member of this show. He began as a feeble, fragile and frail boy with an underpants problem.... but somehow through multiple 5 hour energies and abundant chocolate muffins.... he found the courage and strength to talk trash to every single member of this morning show. I'm speaking about our very own Young Jeffrey.... who has asked me to now call him Hung Jeffrey because of his unabashed machismo which oozes from every pore on his body.

Through dominating and powerful performances he racked up a string of wins that would make the 1976 Montreal Canadiens hockey team jealous (to say the least)… and even though he didn’t come away with the victory yesterday… He still got more question right than Brooke ................and to him... thats all that matters.

With that said.... it's finally time to see what he brings to the table today as we play Clocker Shocker!

Each host will have 20 seconds to answer rapid fire trivia, if they don’t know an answer they can skip it, and at the end the person with the most right answers will get to choose which host gets zapped by an electric dog collar.