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Shock Collar Question - September 9

Fire and Ice. Thunder and electric style with spark concept design on black background

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There's nothing the hosts on this show love more than their favorite Italian meal.... take Jose for example... just the other day he told me he'd love to throw his face in some pasta carbonara and do a quick motorboat sesh. 

Brooke (if she can get past the wine) enjoys a light caprese salad........................ with over 17 pounds of parmesan cheese grated on top.

Lets not forget about our own tiny food connoisseur (Alexis Fuller)...she hearts her Kraft mac and cheese with the orange powder still on top, while its served to her. Im being serious. Super Classy

That brings us to Jeff............. or in Italy, as they call him, the limp bread stick. 

Normally his gag reflex is non existent... but with Brooke yesterday -HE. FULL. ON. CHOKED..... in OUR COUNTRY'S FAVORITE RADIO game called.... Clocker Shocker!

Yesterday he blew it when he couldn’t remember the name of our OWN twitter account, (the one with his name in it. Brooke and Jeffy) But today.... he has a chance to redeem himself. Each host will have 20 seconds to answer rapid fire trivia.... and at the end..... the host with the most correct answers wins and picks who will get zapped by an electric dog collar while they sing a random song.