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Shock Collar Question - September 13

Working mind illustration

Photo: Getty Images

Some of the Great Dynasties in history, were toppled by just one small, simple thing.... Like, The mighty Trojan Empire, was brought down... when "Helen of Troy" fell in love with a curly haired, Orlando Bloom...  China's Great "Han Dynasty" was brought to it's knees after the royal family disagreed over who got the last Egg Roll... Even the Ultimate Food Tandem "Baloney & Cheese"... lost in the Great Food Wars to Peanut Butter & Chocolate.... 

And when it comes to THIS morning show... I already know the one thing, that's going to bring this Proud Program crumbling down to earth... Clocker Shocker.

I have an ancient dusty scroll full of trivia questions and I’ll ask each of you as many as I can in 20 seconds. If you don’t know one say “pass"....The host with the most correct answers will get to choose who gets Zapped by a dog shock collar.... and possibly bring on the DEMISE of this once great show.