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Shock Collar Question - September 15

Circuitry of the AI Brain

Photo: Getty Images

We’ve heard the underdog stories before… The 1980 US Men’s Hockey Team taking Gold at the Olympics….. Susan Boyle making Simon Cowell CRY on Britain’s Got Talent…. And of course, sorority girl, ELLE WOODS, defying the odds to graduate from Harvard Law in “Legally Blonde”…  But over the past few weeks… This show has produced, *not just* an underdog… but, dare I say, an IMPOSSIBLE DOG.

No, I’m not talking about Brooke’s off-brand, Black-market Frankfurters, she brings to our company picnics… I’m referring to, our own… Alexis Fuller... She’s not what you’d call a “trivia hound” … in fact, for months, she thought “Trivia” was a Probiotic Yogurt… But even an Impossible Dog has their day in the sun… so listeners everywhere are rooting for HER, in today’s game of … CLOCKER SHOCKER.

I’ll give you each 20 seconds to answer as many questions as you can muster, if you don’t know one just say pass. The winner will be Top Dog and will get their pick of the litter… choosing which host gets shocked while wearing an electric dog collar.