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Shock Collar Question - September 20

Split net/turbulence artificial brain

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I have gone out of my way (and THEN some)…. trying to make amends with one crooked co-host, in this very room…

Because, the other day on this show… I HUMBLY admitted that I was wrong about one TINY trivia answer… and yet… I still have been subjected, to her callous verbal attacks, and mean spirited, lazy-eyed glances.

It’s gotten to the point now… where I have no choice, but to deliver an ultimatum… Brooke… you cold-blooded, grudge-holding harpy… if we can both agree to Quash this petty squabble here & now… and go back to being friendly co-workers…. then everything will be fine… However if you decline my Peace-offering… I will be forced to follow through with my plan…. to marry your mother and become your new daddy…

After all… Brookes MOM has SAID HERSELF, she’s my biggest fan…. So the wheels are already in motion… I don’t like it any more than you do, but I’m prepared to go there… unless… you agree to a truce. What do you say? 

Wonderful! Now that our beef has been squashed, it’s time to celebrate with a friendly game of CLOCKER SHOCKER!