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Shock Collar Question - September 26

Weightlifting Brain

Photo: Getty Images

Everywhere I go people keep asking me… “Jake, can you get Jose to play video games with me?” “Digital Jake, what is Alexis’ phone number.” And “Jake! Is it true Brooke’s enormous fortune made on the backs of migrant workers?”

However, I ignore them all and continue to eat my lunch while parked in a hospital fire line… because nothing…. NOTHING in this world can distract me from finding more ways to evolve the horrible beast of a game that is… CLOCKER SHOCKER 

I keep my finger riding on the pulse of the nation… which is THROBBING right now... telling me that people love the Grab Bag Impression punishment…. So it’s here to stay….

The winner of today’s game will get to pick a co-host who will be shocked while doing a 10 second impression of a character WE choose… Yoda is GONE now….. So the remaining options are:



SHAGGY (from Scooby Doo)