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Shock Collar Question - October 3

Golden Retriever Dog in Fall colored leaves

Photo: Getty Images

It's Fall... And that means the weather gets colder, the sun goes down earlier, and I have to put my man-kini’s away in storage

Meanwhile, you four seem to love it. Jeffrey pops-on a new flannel every day... Jose's body becomes 40% soup... Brooke hogs all the treats in the office candy bowl... and Alexis, through the power of pumpkin spice becomes the most powerful, high-strung version of herself.

So, what? Because you all like fall you think you’re better than me? You think you know more about fall things than ME?? HUH??

Think again! Because a new survey, asked 1,000 people to name things they usually ONLY do in the fall... and I’m gonna need some answers from you gourd heads.... Because we’re doing a... Leaf-Peeping, Rain and Sleeting, Pumpkin Pie eating… Unglued Family Feud Shock Collar Question of the Day…

We’ll go around the room and the last person to name something you do only in the fall from the Top 5 responses will get shocked…