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Shock Collar Question - October 5

kisses by the luck at poker

Photo: Getty Images

Sometimes in life, it helps to have a little extra LUCK on your side... In Ireland, finding a 4-Leaf-Clover is supposed to bring you good fortune... In England, they carry acorns in their pockets, to summon positive energy... And in musical theater, before going on stage, actors break each others legs in a bizarre, "good luck ritual". 

But one of the time honored traditions that WE ALL USE to get karma on our side.... Is throwing on a Pair... of Tattered, never-washed Lucky Underwear.

And Alexis I know what you’re gonna say… “ Jake, for what occasions, would someone WEAR their lucky underwear? And can we play a game to figure out the answers?”

A tremendous question Alexis, how about we do exactly that... with another round of UNGLUED FAMILY FEUD.

100 people were surveyed and asked: Name An Occasion For Which You Might Wear Your Lucky Underwear… We’ll go around the room and the last person who fails to give me an answer in the Top 5 will be shocked while singing a song…