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Shock Collar Question - October 6

Men arranging clean towels at laundry room

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Everybody loves a good routine…For example, Every Monday like clockwork, Jose will show each of us, individually, 15 different memes he's saved from over the weekend…. Every other day, Alexis will ask me how to spell “Synonym Rolls”, and I tell her "actually, it’s Cinnamon Rolls"…. And every morning, before the show starts, Jeffrey lets out an enormous, Soul Crushing Sigh... before he walks into the studio & begins his day…

But, do you all follow the same routines, as the general public?.... Because a new survey asked 1,000 people to: “name something that many people do JUST once a week,”  You'll need to give me one of the TOP 5 answers... as we play another round of “Unglued Family Feud.”  

We’ll go around the room... the last person to correctly provide an answer in the Top 5 - will be shocked while singing a song…