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Shock Collar Question - October 11

Pot hole in roadway creating a hazard to motorists

Photo: Getty Images

Come one, come all and gather round... because Ol’ Digital Jake has a query for you today. I know you’re probably ponderin’, “Jake, you sound like an old timey prospector, did you hit your head again?” Nope, I’ve just been getting in the proper mindset for our shock collar question, which today is about HOLES. Prospectors dig em... people at the beach sit in em...heck... in 2003 Shia LaBeouf made a whole movie about em!

Each of you are going to have to dig deep in your brains for some answers because a new survey asked people to “Name Something That Might Be Full of Holes” and the #1 answer was Swiss Cheese!... You’ll each have a chance to guess the rest of the Top 5... last person to get one right is gonna get shocked by one of them, new-fangled, fancy electric dog collar shocking machines... You know it , you love it, let’s play some Unglued Family Feud.