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Shock Collar Question - October 13

Couple going on a first date and attempting to hold hands during a dinner date at a restaurant

Photo: Getty Images

When i look around this room, I see a lot of SINGLE PEOPLE working on this show... Which i’m sure is JUST A WEIRD FUNNY COINCIDENCE… there’s NO WAY you guys are just bad at dating….. I mean, the fact that Brooke couldn't lock down a husband until WELL INTO Her 30’s... that's just because she's a MODERN WOMAN… right?

Well today, you have a chance to PROVE all the doubters wrong… Because a new survey asked 1,000 people to: “Name A First Date Faux Pas”… I’ll tell you, #1 on the list was: “Talking about your Ex.”

You’ll have to give me an answer from the rest of the Top 5, if you want to avoid getting shocked… in a brand new: Unglued Family Feud