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Shock Collar Question - October 17

A man in a tuxedo fixing his bowtie

Photo: Getty Images

The best thing to do when dating is… simply BE YOURSELF… said someone who’s doomed to end up alone.

Because If I learned anything from attending the LOVE SEMINAR hosted by our own BROOKE FOX (Called: “Snappin’ Necks & Cashin’ Checks - It’s all about da Money, KA-CHING!”)… it's that…. when it comes to REAL ROMANCE, you should always, ALWAYS lead with your wallet.

So it's no surprise, a lot of men pull out the all the STOP to impress their partner on a first date… And a new survey asked 1,000 people to: “Name Something A Guy Might Rent for A Special Date Night” and I have the top answers in front of me.... for another edition of: Unglued Family Feud