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Shock Collar Question - October 18

Spring allergy. Woman sneezing because of tulips flowers surrounded with pills and drops at home. Seasonal allergy.

Photo: Getty Images

Some things in life are completely out of your control… For example, Jeffrey didn’t CHOOSE to have the WILD HAIR of Sharon Osbourne. Brooke didn’t CHOOSE to have the EYE-SIGHT of a Naked Mole Rat… and Alexis didn’t CHOOSE to have the driving skills of a 97 year old grand-mother… Some situations you’re just born into. And that’s also the case with… Allergies.... 

And frankly, some are more annoying than others. Thats why a new survey asked 1,000 people to “Name something you’d hate for your date to be allergic to.” I have the top answers in front of me, for another game of Unglued Family Feud.