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Shock Collar Question - October 24

Phone call from unknown number. Scam, fraud or phishing with smartphone concept. Prank caller, scammer or stranger. Woman answering to incoming call. Hoax person with fake identity

Photo: Getty Images

Hi-jinx… mischief… Shenanigans… I’ll go even as far to say the B-word: BUFFOONERY. It’s Halloween Week and that means Pranking Season is afoot…. I know MY guard is up, and yours should be too. Because October 31st is one of the BIGGEST NIGHT of the year... for pranks & practical jokes. 

And a new survey asked 1,000 people: “Name a Popular Halloween Prank”…. The last one of you "candy corns” to guess one of THE TOP 5 ANSWERS…. will be getting shocked like Frankenstein’s Monster… in a specialHalloween Edition of... BLOOD MOOD FAMILY FEUD