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Shock Collar Question - October 26

Halloween Pumpkin Preperation

Photo: Getty Images

Gourd Morning everybody, I am Digital Jake O’Lantern"... Management recently demoted me… and made me “the radio station’s official Harbinger of Halloween” While they still refuse to decorate the office… or provide ANY free candy made after Alexis was born…. they DO want me to make an announcement: that there will be: ONE COMPLIMENTARY PUMPKIN MUFFIN in the break room, that should be shared amongst the entire staff.

That totally selfless & generous gift from our lovely bosses got me thinking… What are some other ways to use & abuse Pumpkins? And I found a survey that asked 1000 people to: “Name something you can do with a pumpkin, once Halloween is OVER.”

We’ll get into the juiciest answers in another game of “Every One Agrees Management Is Doing A Great Job With Halloween In The Office This Year & Everyone’s In A Good Mood: Family Feud."