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Shock Collar Question - November 3

Cinderella and Prince Charming

Photo: Getty Images

My close personal friend, Pablo Picasso once said… “Good artists borrow, but great artists STEAL.” And no where is that more true than in Hollywood…. 

In order to make a movie these days, you just need to point to any movie that’s already been made and say: “Well, I guess we’ll just make that one again - but worse”... and instantly producers will throw gobs of cash at you…. That’s why kids today, can’t tell time on an analog clock face but, we have 9 Jumanji films.

And it’s also why a new survey asked 1000 people to “Name a Movie That Frequently Gets Remade” and I have the Top 5 answers in front of me…

We’ll walk the red carpet & search out the correct answers in another edition of… Unglued Family Feud