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Shock Collar Question - November 4

Business man review his resume application on desk, laptop computer, job seeker

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What are some of the most common ways that we lie? For some people maybe it’s adding a couple extra inches to your height… For others, it's telling your boss you’re stuck in bad traffic, when you’re late to work… And everyone knows, you need to slip a FEW LIES into your WEDDING VOWS (trust me, you do NOT want to be 100% honest in that moment)

But if you look close enough, one place you’ll find it more than ANY OTHER, is on a job resume…. And a new survey asked 1,000 job applicants to “Name Something You’ve Lied About” on that important document… I have the Top 5 answers (and BY far #1 was Education)… You’ll have to guess the REST, in a special: LINKEDIN sponsored edition of “Unglued Family Feud.”