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Shock Collar Question - November 28

Christmas eve. Couple watching tv and eating popcorn. Home cinema. Cropped, close up

Photo: Getty Images

Don’t look now but it’s the holiday season… When Christmas music being played... Festive foods are being eaten… and Jose takes his Christmas tree out from its storage space here in our dirty studio… and moves it back into his dirty (and now wax-covered) apartment....

And while those are things a lot of people look forward to…. there’s plenty of Grinches, Scrooges, & Young Jeffreys out there… who are NOT SO KEEN, on the big day…. That’s why a new survey asked 1,000 people for “complaints people make about Christmas every year.”

I have the Top 5 answers in front of me… You’ll need to guess them in a Holiday edition of Unglued Family Feud…