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Shock Collar Question - December 2

Eggnog with cinnamon

Photo: Getty Images

Ahhhh, the Holidays… that magical time of year, when ALL 5 of our senses get assaulted at once…

Our Eyes are blinded… by Bright Twinkly Lights

Our Ears are bombarded… by non-stop, Mariah Carey

And Our Mouths are Stuffed… with your Aunt Marjorie's Famous Gluten-Free figgy pudding 

But the holidays, are especially overwhelming for the hole in our faces where smells go… our noses… And a new poll asked 1,000 people to name their “favorite scents of the holiday”

I have the most common responses in front of me. We’ll let them waft into our brains in another edition of Unglued Family Feud