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Shock Collar Question - December 6

Hands of little girl with Christmas present. unrecognizable

Photo: Getty Images

During the holidays, everybody has their own UNIQUE traditions, they do every single year... Some of them, might seem a little strange… Like for example, every Christmas Eve: Brooke pays me, to Dress up in tattered clothes & chains... break into their home & haunt her husband for EVER dating any woman before her…. Sure, it might sound odd… but it’s how SHE likes to celebrate, and who I am to question it?

But even some of our most common holiday rituals might be confusing to outsiders … And a new survey asked 1000 people: “If an Alien Landed at Christmas, Name a tradition that might be hard to explain?” 

The number 1 most popular response was, of course, Santa Claus…. I have the rest of the Top 5… and you get the HONOR of guessing them, in another: Holiday edition of Unglued Family Feud.