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Shock Collar Question - January 3

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Yesterday we did our first ALL OR NOTHING Shock... we went around the room and it was all of you guys... versus Me. 

Today is going to be a little bit different... it's a similar version called... THE ONE AND DONE  SHOCK I'm going to give you a question that i need FOUR CORRECT ANSWERS for... We'll go around the room taking your guesses.... If you get one right, that means you're SAFE and you won't have to answer any more... By the end ... if anyone hasn't gotten answer right, they will be shocked.

Two and a half minutes on the clock! Here's the question: 

Match dot com asked 5,000 Women what they Wish More Men would do on their First Dates. 

And just to get you going... ONE OF THE TOP RESPONSES... was"Admit that you're NERVOUS as well... so she doesn't feel like the only one"

Will the other answers be easier than that or harder.... let's find out....Alexis you're gonna go first... Ready. Set. Go.