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Shock Collar Question - January 12

Bad smell. Young girl holding breath with fingers on nose from stinky odor on pink studio background. Parosmia problem

Photo: Getty Images

How many times on THIS Morning show... have i asked the question: “What are people’s favorite smells in the world?”… Fresh Baked Cookies… Fresh Cut Grass… And for Alexis, her FRESH SPRAY TAN…  CLEARLY, a scent has to be “NEW & FRESH”… in order to be considered “good”. 

But today, i'm not asking about the BEST smells.... i'm asking about those times in your life... when you catch a whiff of something, so UNIQUE… you can instantly identify what it is… GOOD OR BAD.

And a new survey just asked 1,000 people to “Name An Odor So Distinct you know right away what it is”... (i'll tell you only ONE of them is something you eat) 

I have the Top 5 answers that you’ll have to guess…  in a brand new edition of Unglued Family Feud.