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Shock Collar Question - January 23

Woman at dinner date being annoyed

Photo: Getty Images

Part of what can make or break a relationship…. is being able to Identify, what’s a simple weird quirk about someone…. and what’s an ACTUAL red flag…. 

For example, the woman I’m seeing right now… has 3 children… a history of seeing rich OLDER MEN... and sometimes even STEALS dates away from her blonde Gen-Z daughter… and to me, those aren't huge dealbreakers… just minor inconveniences….

But there’s certain things you can learn during a date that should immediately put your guard up & make you think: “uh oh, this person might be bad news.”

Thats why a survey asked 1000 people to “Name something that would make you feel suspicious, if your date told you he didn’t have any of THIS…”