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Shock Collar Question - January 24

Nothing inspires romance quite like Italian food

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In the movies…Love Stories tend to happen 1 of 3 ways: You fall in love during high school with an unlikely sweetheart… OR... you come home for Christmas, and reunite with your OLD high school sweetheart… OR... you fall into a Hot Tub Time Machine, then go back into the past & meet up with a Younger version of your high school sweet hear

Thats why we love Romantic Comedies… they’re all SO DIFFERENT.

And if you’ve seen a bunch of them, then you’re in luck… cuz a new survey asked 1,000 people… “In movie endings, name a place the main character goes to catch their crush, before it’s too late…”

I have the Top 5 answers… you’ll have to unveil them in a HOLLYWOOD ROMANCE EDITION of Unglued Family Feud