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Shock Collar Question - January 31

Smirking young man talking on phone over gray background

Photo: Getty Images

When dating, there’s certain things that immediately stick out as GIANT RED FLAGS… For example: if they proudly Drive their Mother's Minivan…… if they’re favorite restaurant is inside of an airport… if their Tinder profile pic, has more than 15 guns in it… (14 is understandable, but 15? Yikes.)

But another instant ALARM BELL… is if they ever call… and leave you a voicemail… If that EVER happens, you should probably throw your phone in the trash & change your number…

But let’s say, you actually took the time to listen to their message… you might not like the things you hear. 

Which is why a new survey: asked 1000 people to “Name something a love interest might say or do on a voicemail… that would keep you from calling them back.”

You’ll have 5 answers to figure out in a brand new edition of Unglued Family Feud