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Shock Collar Question - February 3

shocked businessman looking at smartphone and lying on carpet near glass with alcohol drink

Photo: Getty Images

Do you ever wish your life had a little more spice in it?… A little more…. DRAMA? Our daily routines can get so boring…. when you take the same stupid route into work… attend meetings with the same boring people… and smell the same disgusting Brussel Sprout & Anchovy Souffle that Brooke brings in for lunch, every single Friday.

No question, our lives would be much more EXCITING if it was more like a Drama-Filled TV SHOW…. Which is why a new survey asked 1000 people… “If you lived in a Soap Opera, name something that would happen a lot more, in your life”

You’ll get a shot to uncover the Top 5 answers in a HEART-POUNDING RENDITION OF… UNGLUED FAMILY FUED